Adjustable Spray Nozzle 15′ Female

Spray nozzles are important, but often an overlooked component of a well-designed irrigation system. The proper nozzle ensures accurate, even delivery of water in the pattern you need. Adjustable Nozzles have a superior spray pattern that ensures proper precipitation rates throughout the adjustment. Extra long filters provide longer time between cleanings.

• Adjustable spray pattern from 0° to 360°
• 4.5m Radius
• 15′ Female Thread
• Match precipitation – across various radii and patterns



KNFV88′ Female Thread2.4m0-360° Adjustable Spray
KNFV1010′ Female Thread3m0-360° Adjustable Spray
KNFV1212′ Female Thread3.6m0-360° Adjustable Spray
KNFV1515′ Female Thread4.5m0-360° Adjustable Spray