180° Fixed Spray Nozzle 12′ Female

    Spray nozzles are important, but often an overlooked component of a well-designed irrigation system. The proper nozzle ensures accurate, even delivery of water in the pattern you need.

    • Fixed 180° spray pattern
    • 3.6m Radius
    • 12′ Female Thread
    • Match precipitation


    Female Thread fixed Nozzles have matched precipitation for even water distribution. Available in six fixed patterns, providing an array of system configurations. Extra long filters provide longer time between cleanings.


    • 12′ Female Thread
    • 3.6m Throw Radius
    • 180° Half Spray
    • CodeDescriptionThrowSpray
      KNF12Q12′ Female Thread3.6m90° Quarter Spray
      KNF12H12′ Female Thread3.6m180° Half Spray
      KNF12F12′ Female Thread3.6m360° Full Spray
      KNF15Q15′ Female Thread4.5m90° Quarter Spray
      KNF15H15′ Female Thread4.5m180° Half Spray
      KNF15F15′ Female Thread4.5m360° Full Spray
    Spray Pattern

    Half Spray

    Spray Radius