80mm PRO-S Pop Up Sprinkler – Flush Cap

The K-Rain PRO-S is a tough and robust pop-up sprinkler that ideally suits the contractor. This commercial quality pop up sprinkler can be purchased with a pre-fitted nozzle or pre-fitted with a flushing cap.

• 80mm Pop-up Sprinkler
• Flush Cap allows for all debris to flow out
• Co-Molded Wiper Seal-Ensures a leak-free, full pop up operation, even under low-pressure situations
• Cartridge design allows for easy removal and cleaning
• Accepts all Female Threaded Nozzles

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Download PRO-S Specifications

  • Accepts all female threaded nozzles
  • Co-moulded wiper seal ensures a leak-free pop up
  • The flush cap allows all debris to flow out
  • 80mm pop up above ground


  • Accepts all female threaded nozzles
  • Co-moulded wiper seal ensures a leak-free pop up
  • The flush cap allows all debris to flow out
  • 80mm pop up above ground
  • Treated with UV inhibitors for long life. The seal is microbe resistant to reduce degradation and stick-ups
  • Ratcheting Riser-Permits quick, easy alignment of the spray pattern
  • Heavy-Duty Retraction Spring-Strongest spring in the industry for positive retraction in all soil conditions


Flushing Cap: When an irrigation system is built, it often has a build-up of dirt & debris in the system, before it is turned on. The PRO-S is equipped with a flushing cap (blue) which allows the system to be turned on & purged, cleaning out any dirt & debris. The flushing cap also allows a system to be tested first before any nozzles are fitted. The PRO-S riser stem features an industry-standard male thread, this accepts ALL brands of female threaded nozzles.

Microbe Resistant Seal: Soils contain many types of microbes. Over time, these microbes eat away & deteriorate rubber seals, causing leaking & broken sprinklers. The PRO-S range of pop up sprinklers has a “Microbe Resistant Seal”. The polymer used to make the seal prevent the microbes from attacking the seal, increasing the life span of the sprinkler by making this seal last longer! K-Rain provides a factory-supported warranty for up to 5 years.

Ratcheting Riser: The ratcheting riser in the PRO-S is a great feature! It allows the spray pattern to be easily adjusted into position. The ratchet at the base of the riser stem allows you to “re-orientate” the spray pattern to cover the correct area in the garden or lawn, once the nozzle has been fitted.

Heavy Duty Retraction Spring: Using a high-quality spring, the PRO-S is guaranteed to retract fully every time! This protects your nozzle and prevents any damage to the sprinkler itself, keeping your system fully operational and reliable.


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KR7804TP100mm Pop-Up Sprinkler BulkFlush Cap57
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KR7813TP80mm Pop-Up Sprinkler BulkAdjustable 360º Spray60
KR7814TP100mm Pop-Up Sprinkler BulkAdjustable 360º Spray57
KR7821TP50mm Pop-Up Sprinkler Bulk90º Quarter Spray90
KR7823TP50mm Pop-Up Sprinkler Bulk180º Half Spray90
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