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When setting up water-efficient irrigation options for your garden, micro irrigation fittings allow you to create a system that is completely customisable.

With a wide range of fittings and 3 different sizes, getting started can be a little confusing. We’ve created this guide to help you pick and choose the right micro irrigation fittings, and what their specific use is in your garden.

Kinds of Micro Irrigation Systems

Poly Pipe Micro Irrigation

Poly Pipe

Great for watering pots and garden beds around your home. Fully customisable as each dripper is placed in your desired position. Does require a medium amount of planning. Can be set up to run from your garden tap, solenoid valves or adapted from existing pop up sprinklers and risers.

Drip irrigation tube

Drip Irrigation Tube

Can be placed under or above your mulch. Suits larger garden areas, garden beds, shrubs and smaller trees. Very simple to set up with small amounts of planning required. Can easily be run from your garden tap, or adapted from existing pop up sprinklers and risers.

Reclaimed Drip Irrigation

Reclaimed / Greywater

A specific drip irrigation tube is available for using reclaimed or greywater in your garden. Only recommended for non-edible plants, not suitable for large areas or lawns. Can be run from reclaimed water taps (only available in some areas), or set up through greywater diversion.

Different Poly Pipe / Tube sizing

4mm Flex Tube

Used to make connections to drippers and emitters from your mainline poly pipe. Joins by using 4mm barbed fittings.

4mm Rigid Riser Tube

Riser tube is used to run from the main poly pipe water supply line, vertically up an irrigation stake to mount either a micro jet or micro spray. The rigid material helps keep these sprays in place. Only connects using 4mm THREADED fitting, can not be used with a BARBED fitting.

13mm Poly Pipe

Suitable for setting up drippers/sprayers or smaller irrigation systems. Great for small garden beds, outdoor pots or hanging baskets.

13mm Drip Irrigation Tube

Drip Tube is used to supply precise amounts of water to lawn and garden areas. Already installed with pressure compensating drippers.

19mm Poly Pipe

Suitable for emitters and larger garden beds. delivers better water flow. Can be used if setting up pop up sprinklers.

25mm Poly Pipe

Usually used for pop up sprinklers or large volume irrigation systems. Delivers a high water flow.

Micro Irrigation Fittings – Connectors and Joiners

An Inline Filter stops dirt and debris from getting into the system and clogging sprayers and drippers. Install this at the start of your system, alongside a pressure reducer to ensure your irrigation system will run smoothly. Available in 13, 19 and 25mm.

A Tap Adaptor is suitable for connecting your poly irrigation system to your garden tap. This will allow your drip system to run only when you turn your tap on or off manually. This fitting can also be placed on the bottom of Tap Timers or Pressure reducers. Available for 13mm or 19mm poly pipe, and 20mm or 25mm garden taps.

A Barbed Inline Valve is suitable for controlling the water flow of a poly irrigation system. Helpful when expanding, cleaning or servicing your irrigation system. Barbed Inline Valves can also be used for controlling water pressure in your system. Secure to your poly pipe using ratchet clamps.

A Barbed Joiner is used when adding more pipe / extending your system. It can also be used when repairs need to be made to a section of your poly. Available in 13mm, 19mm and 25mm.

A Barbed Reducing Joiner is used when wanting to decrease 19mm Poly Pipe to 13mm Poly Pipe. This allows you to adjust the amount of pressure that reaches certain areas. Available in 19mm or 25mm.

A Barbed End Plug is used to seal the end of your poly pipe and drip tube. Make sure to secure this to the end of your tube with a ratchet clamp. Available in 13mm, 19mm and 25mm.

A Ratchet Clamp is used to secure any same sized barbed fitting to your tube of choice. It works by locking your tubing in place over the barbed fitting, with its negative rake teeth. These are vital in ensuring your tubing does not blow off any fittings. Remember to place these over the end of your tubing before connecting to a barbed fitting. Available in 13mm, 19mm and 25mm.

Tees and Elbows

A Barbed Tee is used to extend your poly pipe irrigation system. Use to branch off in two directions or go around corners, keeping your pipework neat and tidy without any kinks. Secure with ratchet clamps. Available in 13mm, 19mm and 25mm.

A Reducing Tee is used when you are wanting to connect two different poly pipe sizes together. The larger size will branch off in two directions, and the smaller size in one. Available in 19 x 13mm, and 25 x 19mm.

A Barbed Tee allows you to connect or start your poly pipe from a 15mm male fitting and run your system in two directions. Suitable for use with poly risers or 19mm or 25mm irrigation systems. Secure with ratchet clamps.

A Barbed Elbow is used to redirect water flow through poly pipe at a 90-degree angle. Great for going around corners. Secure with ratchet clamps. Available in 13mm, 19mm and 25mm,

A Barbed Elbow allows you to connect or start your poly pipe from a 15mm male fitting. Suitable for use with poly risers or 13mm, 19mm or 25mm irrigation systems. Secure with ratchet clamps.

A Barbed Threaded Elbow is used to connect 15mm female fittings into 19mm or 25mm poly pipe. Redirect water flow through at 90º and secure with ratchet clamps onto 19mm or 25mm poly irrigation system.

A Threaded Corner Elbow is used if you are running pop up sprinklers through a poly pipe system. Available for 19mm poly.

Male Directors are used if you are starting your Poly Pipe system from a Solenoid Valve. Available with 13mm, 19mm and 25mm barbed ends.

Risers and Adaptors

A Hex Head Shrub Nozzle Adaptor allows 15mm female threaded fittings to be fitted onto a poly riser.

Adaptor screws onto a 15mm threaded Poly Riser allowing you to attach 4mm threaded micro jets or misting sprays.

Insert a Rigid Riser directly into your poly pipe to give extra height when you are wanting to use sprayers or jets. Available in 215mm or 300mm lengths.

Suitable for shrubs and taller plants, an Extension Stake helps keep micro-sprays and jets pointing in the correct direction. For use with Rigid Riser Tube only, the stake has a small slot for the Tube to sit in, allowing you to point and direct micro sprays in your desired direction. Stakes can also be staked on top of each other. Available in 210 or 300mm.

A Hold Down Stake is designed to keep poly pipe or dripline irrigation in pace. Ideal for keeping your irrigation system neat and ideal for bends and curves. Suitable for 13mm, 19mm and 25mm poly pipe.

Drippers and Sprayers

Suitable for small gardens, Pressure Compensating Drippers are used with poly irrigation systems. Ideal for accurate watering, ensuring consistent pressure and flow rate throughout the entire line. Extra sharp barb for installation in Poly Pipe.

Adjust the flow rate with the Adjustable Dripper. With a micro barbed connection, it is suitable for use with 4mm flex tube. Ideal use in garden beds where plants require the same amounts of water.

Adjust the water flow with the Adjustable Dripper. Suitable for connecting directly onto 15mm BSP male connections on poly irrigation systems.

The Adjustable Dripper has a 360-degree spray pattern with an adjustable flow rate. The included barbed joiner can be screwed off and is used to connect the dripper to your main line of Poly Pipe using 4mm Flex Tube.

The Adjustable Shrubbler has a 360-degree spray with an adjustable flow rate. This Shrubbler has a fan spray pattern. The included barbed joiner can be screwed off and is used to connect the Spray Vortex to your main line of Poly Pipe using 4mm Flex Tube.

The Adjustable Emitter has a 360-degree spray with an adjustable flow rate. This Emitter has a trickling finger spray pattern. The included barbed joiner can be screwed off and is used to connect the Spray Vortex to your main line of Poly Pipe using 4mm Flex Tube.

Suitable for small to medium garden beds. The adjustable flow rate allows you to control the throw distance, minimising potential water wastage. Available with a 180° or 360º spray pattern. To be used with Rigid Riser Tube and Extension Stakes as it has a 4mm Threaded barb.

The 4mm Jet has a 180º spray coverage and 1.5m spray radius. Use together with 4mm Rigid Riser Tube to create a micro-irrigation system. Available with a 90º, 180º or 260º spray pattern.

The 4mm Misting Spray creates a fine mist that is suitable for seedlings and gentle on plants. Screw the threaded end into Rigid Riser Tube and use it with Extension Stakes to keep it in place.

Guides and Tutorials for using Micro Irrigation Fittings

For a quick and simple guide on using micro irrigation fittings, you can check out these tutorials made by Holman Industries on YouTube. These cover setting up a simple system for your outdoor pots or converting current pop up sprinklers into a drip irrigation system.

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