RPS624 Irrigation Controller – 12 Station

12 Stations

The new generation of irrigation controllers features the latest microprocessor technology. Advanced features include current sensing and station skip with fault indication, a real-time clock that maintains time through power outs. Exclusive low energy, high output toroidal transformer ensures reliable long-life performance. Blue backlit display can be seen in daylight and at night.

  • 5 fully independent programs
  • 4 starts per program
  • Permanent memory – “Never lose your programs”
  • Station watering run time up to 12 hours 59 minutes
  • 7-day watering cycle with individual day selection ODD/EVEN date selection or interval watering
  • Watering start times are “stacked sequentially” if they overlap
  • “Rain Off” facility suspends watering during winter while retaining the time and programmed information

⚠ WARNING – Keep new or used button/coin batteries out of reach of children.
Product contains a Button or Coin cell battery. The Battery can cause severe or fatal injuries in 2 hours or less if it is swallowed or placed inside any part of the body. If suspected the battery has been swallowed or otherwise placed inside any part of the body, contact the Australian Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26 immediately for 24/7 fast, expert advice.

Zone: 12 Zone
Additional information
Dimensions240 × 305 × 90 cm

12 Zone



Electrical Specifications

  • Internal Transformer
  • 220 – 240 VAC delivering 24 VAC through a 30 VA (1.25A) rated Toroidal transformer
  • The transformer is low energy, highly efficient & reliable. It will ensure reliable performance over many years

Electrical Outputs

  • Maximum of 1 AMP
  • To the Solenoid Valves: 24 VAC 50/60 Hz 0.75 Amps maximum
  • To the Master Valve/Pump Start: 24 VAC 0.25 Amps maximum

Overload Protection

  • Electronic fuse with auto re-set

Power Failure

  • 9 Volt alkaline battery maintains the clock up to one year
  • 3V coin cell lithium battery will maintain time for years


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  • Automatic, semi-automatic & single station manual operations
  • System test facility
  • Water saver facility allows adjustment of watering durations in percentage from “OFF” to 200% in 10% increments, per month
  • Master valve/pump start is standard
  • A second programmable pump is available for dual water supply, fertigation or filtration control
  • “No AC” indicator on LCD when power out
  • Low energy micro-processor ensures long battery life
  • Permanent real time clock maintained by 3V battery
  • Toroidal high capacity transformer
  • Lockable outdoor waterproof case


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