KRX12 Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller

12 Zones

The KRX12 Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller is K-Rain’s answer to Smart commercial irrigation control. Compatible with existing systems, the KRX12 allows remote control of up to 12 zones from anywhere with internet coverage. The KRX12 covers a wide range of applications from residential and commercial turf, to light agriculture and professional nurseries. Available for iOS® and Android® devices, the K-Rain interface is powered by the Holman Home Wi-Fi app.

The KRX12 features misting scheduling power with the inclusion of seconds and delays in programming.

  • Wi-Fi control with Holman Home via iOS or Android
  • 12 zones can be added to the 4 start times
  • 7 day scheduling options; odd and even days intervals
  • Max 15 day watering delay
  • Zone and multi-zone manual control
  • Maximum run time: 11:59 hr per ZONE
  • 5 Year Trade Warranty


Additional information
Weight1.66 kg
Dimensions8 × 22.5 × 22.5 cm


Power Failure: 9 Volt alkaline battery

Electrical Specifications

  • Internal Transformer
  • Reduces 240VAC to extra low voltage supply of 24VAC

Electrical Outputs

  • Maximum of 1 AMP
  • To the Solenoid Valves: 24 VAC 50/60 Hz 0.5 Amps maximum
  • To the Master Valve/Pump Start: 24 VAC 0.25 Amps maximum

Overload Protection

  • Standard 20mm 1 AMP fuse with faulty station skip function

Power Failure

  • 9 Volt alkaline battery maintains the clock up to one year


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  • For use with smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android
  • Control with Holman Home, available on the App Store and Google Play
  • Connect via Wi-Fi through your home 2.4GHz network
  • 12 watering zones which can be applied to any of the 4 start times
  • Additional automations and notifications including fault and watering notifications
  • Program in seconds and apply delays for misting, greenhouses and propagation
  • Comply to water restrictions with individual day selection, even/odd/odd-31 and 1-15 day interval watering
  • Manual and automatic functions
  • Apply watering delay option manually or program with automations for up to 15 days
  • Rain sensor ready to allow for automatic station delays in wet weather (sold separately)
  • Program to meet water restrictions *

* Programming abilities are subject to your local water authority — be sure to consult them for current watering restrictions.