Pro Series 150 Valve 25mm

The K-Rain ProSeries 150 Valves offer the irrigation professional a wide array of features and benefits. The 2.5 cm valve has a removable metering pin and external bleed screw promoting easy maintenance and manual operation.

  • Heavy Duty, Corrosion and UV Resistant PVC Construction – Increases the life of the valve
  • External Bleed Screw with Removable Metering Pin – Allows for easy cleaning of the metering pin without disassembling the valve
  • Manual External Bleed Screw – Provides for manual operation in system start up
  • Manual Internal Bleed through Solenoid – Provides for manual operation without discharging water outside the valve
  • Captured Plunger – Allows for the solenoid to be removed without losing the internal plunger