25mm Solenoid Approved Master Valve

The K-Rain range of solenoid valves is made from high-quality UV resistant PVC construction and suitable for residential, agricultural and commercial applications. Working pressure 0.7bar (70kpa) to 10bar (1000kpa). High-quality coil design 24VAC.

  • Approved Master Valve ATS 5200.030 License No. WM 74565
  • Self-cleaning screen with straight flow-through pattern
  • Internal and external bleed in additional to optional flow control
  • Captured Plunger Solenoid
  • Manufactured from heavy duty, corrosion and UV resistant PVC
  • Suitable for residential and commercial applications
  • Tilt design allows for straight flow path
  • Flow range 5-130Lpm
  • Debris tolerant design. Ideal for use with dirty water applications

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*Please note spare parts shown in diagram are not available

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Operating Specifications

  • Pressure Rating – 20 -150 PSI
  • Pressure Loss @ 30 GPM – 5 PSI
  • Flow Range – 0.75 – 35 GPM.


  • Height: 4″ Width: 3″ Length: 5 1/4″

Electrical Specifications

  • Solenoid – 24 VAC 60 Cycle
  • Inrush Current – .43 Amps
  • Holding Current – .25 Amps


KR700125mmSolenoid Valve with F/C1
KR7001J25mmPro Series 150 Valve with Jar Top1
KR710125mmPro Series 150 Valve1
KR711540mmPro Series 150 Valve1
KR710250mmPro Series 150 Valve1
KR7001TP25mmSolenoid Valve with F/C Bulk12
KR7001JTP25mmPro Series 150 Valve with Jar Top Bulk12
KR7101TP25mmPro Series 150 Valve Bulk12
KR7115TP40mmPro Series 150 Valve Bulk6
KR7102TP50mmPro Series 150 Valve Bulk6

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