19mm Wall Clip

    PACK OF 25

    The latest micro fittings from K-Rain Australia feature a comprehensive range, made from virgin polypropylene. These fittings are packaged in easy to order outer, inner and bag quantities to save time & money. The inner cartons are specially designed with a tear-off section and can be easily used as a display carton.

    β€’ Neaten poly pipe along walls
    β€’ Clip and secure 13mm poly pipe to wall
    β€’ UV stabilised

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    Micro Wall Clips, pack of 25


    • Neaten poly pipe along walls
    • Clip and secure 19mm poly pipe to wall
    • UV stabilised
    KWC1313mmMicro-Irrigation Wall Clip
    KWC1919mmMicro-Irrigation Wall Clip
    KWC2525mmMicro-Irrigation Wall Clip